Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Registration to attend the Pooja   | Do we need to register, how do we register?

> You need to register online to do the Pooja as Yajman. You don't need to be HTA member.

        Please Register online 

  • Each family needs one Yajman ticket (20£)

  • You can also attend for FREE to involve in pooja to listen katha and take prasadam

1(a). Is there any cut off dates for the registration?

> No, there is no cut off date for the registration. But kindly register by 27th October for us to plan the logistics.

2.  Food and Prasadam  | will there be food / prasadam served and can we bring our prasadam?

> Yajmans are requested to bring prasadam. However, anybody visiting is also free to bring prasadam. For any queries,

 please check with committee for arrangements

3. Cancellation and Refunds | Can we cancel after registration, will we get the refund of the fees paid?

> We understand personal emergencies and ladies problems to attend the pooja. You can cancel your entry as Yajman and write to   for full refund of your money.  In such a situation, kindly inform us before the event.

4. Pooja items | Do you provide pooja items or do we need to bring the pooja items?

> Please bring the necessary pooja items for pooja. 

  Pooja Items to bring on the day:

  • Turmeric Powder       : 200 gm

  • Kumkum                    : 200 gm

  • Satyanarayana Swami patam (and roopu: optional)

  • Kalasam

  • Pasupu kommulu

  • Dry Dates: 1 packet

  • Navadhaanyalu: optional

  • Sandal Wood Paste/Powder   :  1 Packet

  • Agar Bathi(Incense Sticks) :  1 Packet

  • Camphor     : 1 Packet

  • Beetle Leaves and nuts   :  Approx. 30 each

  • Mango leaves: few (if available) 

  • Flowers       :   2-3 Bunches

  • Fruits           : Bananas

  • Coconuts     :  3

  • Rice             :   1 kg

  • Kalasa Vasthram     : 1 new blouse piece

  • Mantapa Vasthram:  1 new Kitchen Towel or 1 Yard Fabric

  • Coins (1p or 2p)      :   20

  • Prasadam              

  • Dry Fruits   :    Few

  • Akshintalu

  • Panchaamrutam: (Mix of milk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar)

  • Deepalu, Oil/ghee for Diya, Vottulu

  • Hammer     :  for breaking coconuts

  • Vessel: for putting coconut water

  • Panchapatra, Uddharini or Glass and spoon

  • Yagnopaveetam and Vastram (Made of cotton)

  • Plates: 2

  • Plate/stand/stool to put the God's picture

  • (if the God's frame doesn't has a stand, please make arrangements accordingly)

  • Pillows Blankets : For Guest Seating purposes