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Please select 2 quantity for Doubles and make sure you enter your doubles partners details. If you need partner, contact HTA - info@htauk.org

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HTA Last Year Badminton Championship Video


2017 HTA Badminton Championship Video


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is the Entry Criteria, is this an open championship?

> This is a closed Championship within Indian Community.

2. What is the entry price?

> Entry price is £10 per individual, if you are registering as a team it'll be £20 per Team. 

Team unders £5 per player, doubles format £10 per team

3. I don't have a partner, can I join for doubles?

> You can register as 1 player and mention in the 'Notes' field when buying the tickets your interest to play for doubles. 

HTA Will look for other individual players to make teams.

4. What about food & drinks?

> HTA will provide Snacks, Tea and drinks for FREE. The venue also has got canteen if you need sandwiches to buy. We take pride and aim to provide all the facilities which includes food, fruits and drinks. 

5. Is there any car park?

> The venue has got plenty of on-site pay & display car parking.

6. What is the format of the tournament?

The standard rules will be applied to all formats of play, below is the Men’s double format;

Qualifying Rounds:

Round 1- Group Level: 4 Teams per group, each team will play 3 games. Top 2 team will move to next level

Knockout Rounds

Round 2 - P Quarters Level: 8 Team will play, best of 3 Top 1 team will move to next level

Round 3 - Quaerters : 8 Teams will play, best of 3 top 4 will move to next round

Round 4 - Semi Final: 4 Teams will play 3 Matches - Best of 2

Round 5 - Finals: 2 Teams will play 3 Matches - Best of 2


6.1: .Minimum how many games a team can play

The format is structured to allow maximum number of games to play during qualifying and group level. Each team will play minimum 4 games in group level and 2 games in Pre-quarters

6.2: if any one play men’s doubles are they allowed to play mixed doubles

Yes, We’ll try to balance the games without disturbing the Men’s format.

7. Can I cancel my registration?

> You can cancel the registration before 31st October and before the format and draw is finalised. After 31st October you got to contact HTA if not able to attend due to any emergencies.

8. Can we bring our families?

> Yes, it is a perfect day out, the venue has lot of facilities; rock climbing, swimming etc. please visit https://www.hertssportsvillage.co.uk/facilities

9. Competition minimum per category & How many teams participating in the tournament

There are 4 formats

 Men’s Double

 Women’s Double

 Mixed Double

 Under 19

HTA Badminton championship attracts more Men’s double category more than 40 teams, followed by 10 + women doubles teams.

This year we are introducing ‘Mixed’ and ‘U19’ categories to encourage juniors and make it family sport as a day out.

Other category formats: We expect minium 8 teams for any format. If we fall short less than 8 teams, then double format will be changed to singles.

If there are not enough players (less than 6 singles) then the format will be cancelled.

10. Registrations: Please register your team :


11. Sponsorship
  Please contact our committee to discuss the sponsorship opportunities info@htauk.org   Tel: 01707527927

12. Trophies, Prize & Gifts

There are Trophies, medals and vouchers for winners and runners

13. Photo booth & Videography
  HTA will have a photo-booth and aim to professionally capture tournament photos which will be shared with teams. After the event, people will have the option to opt-out for any images to use in the Video or official on the website.

14. Venue facilities

There are various attractions; Indoor rock climbing, swimming etc. please visit https://www.hertssportsvillage.co.uk/uhsport

15. Shuttles (Feathers / plastic)?

We’ve taken the feedback from various teams, as most of the teams comfortable to play plastic we’ll organising the tournament with Plastic: Mavis- 300 Blue Medium

  16. Other information

Please contact HTA Committee if you need any information on 01707527927 you can also write to them info@htauk.org